There Once Was a Hat Shop on Wall Street

Long before you could google “hat shops Asheville NC”, my friend, Jen Patterson, had a store called Wings located at 19 Wall Street, downtown Asheville.

When I first visited the store back in the 90’s, I didn’t know Jenifer but by just walking around her amazing shop, I could see her style and classiness.

Wings closed long ago and beautiful Jen is no longer with us.

You can imagine my pleasant surprise, when going through a donated bag of hats last week, I found a straw hat with the Wings label on it. Jen, always the savvy marketer, had included the address and phone number on the label.

Now that it’s Derby Time many hat lovers are looking for a new chapeaux. Wings would have been the place to go. There are still lots of spots tucked inside of the quaint little shops downtown and booths at Kress or Woolworth.

Vintage Moon, my friend Gigi’s store, at 82 North Lexington Ave, has many vintage hats plus ones that have been redesigned.

Gigi is such an inspiration as a store owner and artist. I work in her studio sometimes and leave at the end of the day fully charged and ready to work in my own studio.

The Wings straw hat was missing it’s flowers so I attached a fabric flower that I had made, a ribbon around the brim and some paper roses with cream colored velvet vintage leaves. I’ll go back and add some beads and vintage buttons for added embellishment.

You can try it on here at the Shoppe or bring in a hat you would like re-designed. I would love to help you.

Hats have made a come back, thanks to some of the period TV shows and movies and I keep holding hope that they will be a necessity as they were back in the day. It’s probably a dream of mine but, anyway, thank you to all you hat lovers! Keep collecting. Savor the handwork of the milliners of long ago, re-purpose the ones that seem lost and wear your hats as an extension of who you are.