Artistic Inspiration Ananda Fashion Show

There are so many wonderful opportunities, in Asheville, to express yourself creatively. If you are an artist, photographer, hair or makeup designer, you can find avenues to show your skills or to stretch yourself as a creator.

Fashion shows, especially the ones locally, focus on giving artists a chance to show their latest works or opportunity to collaborate and always to market their businesses or studios.

The Costume Shoppe has always participated in Asheville Fashion shows either as a sponsor or a participant. It has been a way to meet other designers and costumers, to reveal the Shoppe’s many facets and to have fun with the community.

My designs, Voila’ Vonceil, are actually separate from The Shoppe’s because my work expresses my art and also is an outlet to use all the mass of antique lace I have collected!

The next fashion show that Voila’ Vonceil will participate in is the Artistic Inspiration show presented by Ananda Hair Salon. This is very exciting for me because it is a collaboration between hair and makeup designers and fashion artists.

I am fortunate to be working with Ananda hair stylist, Marissa, and her hair and makeup team, to create a look inspired by Japanese art and sculpture. I am also collaborating with Corina, of Ananda, and her team, to design a look based on the beautiful paintings by Klimt.

I love collaborating with designers and artists. The energy reminds me of my days in theatre where everyone had a say and the creation was heightened by the exchange of artistic inspiration and energy.